Gum Treatment

Remember to Take Care of Your Gums

It all starts with a diagnosis. Our team of dedicated periodontists will assess your gums’ health and provide you with the most suitable treatment options to solve any issues. We can help with everything from basic scaling and root planing, to more advanced surgery like gum grafts that may be necessary in cases of gum recession or tissue damage.

We also offer treatments such as laser therapy, antibiotic therapy and root canal therapy if required. Each of these treatments is designed to target the affected area directly, supporting your overall gum health and protecting you against more serious oral conditions caused by unchecked bacteria accumulation.

Gingivitis and Periodintitis

If you’re noticing symptoms like red, swollen gums, bleeding when brushing or flossing, and sensitivity to hot or cold food and drinks, you may have gingivitis. Don’t stress – this condition can be easily treated with a gentle scaling. But if the plaque and bacteria build up continues and leads to periodontitis (gum disease), it can result in tooth loss. Thankfully, gentle root planing can help get rid of the gunk that causes gum disease and stop it in its tracks.

Gummy Smiles

Gummy smiles, also known as excessive gingival display, are a common dental concern among many people. Gummy Smiles occur when the upper lip rises abnormally high when smiling, resulting in too much of the gum tissue being exposed. This can cause an uneven or unbalanced smile which can be embarrassing and lead to social anxiety and self-consciousness.

At Dental Support Turkey, our doctors are experts in treating gummy smiles. We use advanced techniques to reduce the amount of gum tissue exposed, resulting in a more balanced and an even smile.

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